Hidden Treasure

I have a love for fashion probably like every girl does and I take shopping VERY seriously. I shop in various different places from down town R1 stores to commercial shops in big fancy malls. There are a lot of quotes out there who say style comes from the ability of being able to mix expensive and reasonable clothing but still looking like a million dollars.

I stumbled upon a corridor of fashion and clothes that cater for everyone and doesn’t break the bank. Often my friends and family would tell me about Small Street in in Johannesburg CBD as the best place to shop in town. Despite the high crime and the high probability of losing my phone or being mugged I took a trip to Small street with a couple of my friends and found the best gems ever. As a student this place was like heaven to me because on my student budget I could still afford to look amazing and with not much effort at all.

Small Street is a street full of clothing stores which spans across approximately 6 blocks in the Joburg CBD and with over a 100 stores. It is always full of people walking up and down and then loud music bursts from the stores with shop assistants who try persuade you If ever you are around town and feel like a shopping spree go to Small street but make sure to be accompanied by someone who is familiar with the place.

Out of the gems i found during my shopping spree in town this army green jacket with leather sleeves which I purchased at Mr Ty and my best buy at only…..R120 🙂

Army green jacket with leather sleeves
Army green jacket with leather sleeves

3 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure

  1. Lovely article, we’d love to see some more bargains that you’ve managed to get. I must admit that I am petrified of jozi cbd lol

  2. i agree with you 100% when it comes to what one can find in jozi. Theres so much going on there besides the rush and hundreds of people that are there.

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