Pampering on a Budget

The past few weeks of Honours has been super challenging and it all has about been work, tutoring and the next deadline. Life as I know it had changed so I was in real need of a pamper session and relaxation. I often receive emails from GroupOn daily and when I saw a special for a spa treatment and overnight stay at Hands on Retreat I grabbed it with both arms and couldn’t miss such an opportunity.

Firstly the special was reasonable and I had never been for a spa treatment and couldn’t think of a better time to go for my first spa treatment and get to relax during the little “break” I had from varsity. So I planned with a friend of mine and immediately booked the special on GroupOn even though I was skeptical at first because it had been my first online shopping experince and I had heard of scams and false advertising on online stores but it was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had gotten so sucked in by my work that I forgot to take care of myself so I got a full body massage which is the best thing ever, (definitely need spa days more often) and an overnight stay including breakfast for me and my special friend for only R1350.

Hands On Retreat is a sleep spa in Craighall Johannesburg which offers 1/2 day spa treatments or you can sleepover. When I arrived at Hands on Retreat it seemed as though I was not in Johannesburg anymore because the place is calming and has a lot of trees and a river runs through the spa so it was indeed what I needed at the time, I needed a quiet getaway where I could relax and forget about other things for a while. The staff are friendly and immediately make you feel at home.

It was really a time for firsts and I definitely found and enjoyed a new experience.  I enjoyed my day at Hands on Retreat and I feel revitalized and ready to go through the last stretch of Honours and I recommend anyone who needs a getaway in Johannesburg to try them out.


My mini getaway
My mini getaway

Let the beat drop

Music is the universal language which can bring people together and make people unleash their inner dance diva’s at the drop of a beat.  I listen to all genres of music from all over the world but today I was impressed at how far SA music has come.

I am proud of the current SA music scene and I just light up when I hear music that resonates with me and has lingo that I as a South African girl can understand.  We often critcise our musicians for either being too flashy, producing mediocre videos or just trying to be American but never pat them on the back for doing well.

I sit at home watching Channel O Crispy Fresh music videos and 5 out of the 6 videos I watched were South African hip hop music videos which were beautifully shot with catchy beats and unique dances for each song, such things make me proud to see how far we’ve come as a country and I love that our own channels play our own music and has SA music on heavy rotation.

MassEgo’s  Top 5 SA songs:

1. DJ Dimplez feat Dream Team and Anatii _ Yaya
2. AKA feat KO _ Run Jozi
3. MaE _ Gogo
4. KO feat Kid X _ Cara Cara
5. DJ Cndo _ Yamnand’into