Let the beat drop

Music is the universal language which can bring people together and make people unleash their inner dance diva’s at the drop of a beat.  I listen to all genres of music from all over the world but today I was impressed at how far SA music has come.

I am proud of the current SA music scene and I just light up when I hear music that resonates with me and has lingo that I as a South African girl can understand.  We often critcise our musicians for either being too flashy, producing mediocre videos or just trying to be American but never pat them on the back for doing well.

I sit at home watching Channel O Crispy Fresh music videos and 5 out of the 6 videos I watched were South African hip hop music videos which were beautifully shot with catchy beats and unique dances for each song, such things make me proud to see how far we’ve come as a country and I love that our own channels play our own music and has SA music on heavy rotation.

MassEgo’s  Top 5 SA songs:

1. DJ Dimplez feat Dream Team and Anatii _ Yaya
2. AKA feat KO _ Run Jozi
3. MaE _ Gogo
4. KO feat Kid X _ Cara Cara
5. DJ Cndo _ Yamnand’into


One thought on “Let the beat drop

  1. That’s that new hang out, Cara cara I’m one of those who are always critising SA music but lately I’v learnt to keep my mouth shut cause there’s musicians out there that are really representing. I agree with you that we never actually praise but we always critising and these are our fellow countrymen.

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