MassEgo the Explorer


It is Saturday morning and I wake up being grateful for the opportunity to see yet another day. I have always had this desire to explore new places, try out new foods and just have new experiences everyday so today I declare it MassEgo exploration day :))


It is the little things

Often we get drowned in everything that is happening around us that we forget that it is the little things that make a big difference and have the ability to make us happy.
It is the little things like a bowl on peanut butter and mixed berry Wakaberry that makes me happy
It is the little things like my niece running excitedly towards me everytime I go home
It is the little things like laughing till my tummy hurts with my sister and watching her impersonations
It is the little things like going bargain shopping and getting a full outfit for less than R200
It is the little things like waking up every morning and knowing that I have been given another day to live

Life can be rosy if you choose to be happy and try see and appreciate the little things 🙂


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Good Fortune

In 1992 on the 22nd of June Itumeleng gave birth to her 2nd and last daughter and named her Masego, a Tswana name which means Good Fortune. Masego is a girl who grew up in a small mining town called Springs under the care of 3 strong women who taught her courage, strength and good values which she still carries with her still today. Masego is an imperfect individual who is still learning a lot as she grows but is ambitous, loves the good life and is described as the old soul.

MassEgo Square is a place where you will learn more about Masego and get to know what makes her who she is and go on the journey to see who she is becoming.


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