MMMK Take Bali

Woke up on the morning of the 18th of September super excited because the long awaited girls trip was finally here, 9 months of planning, thousands of WhatsApp messages and emails had boiled down to this moment and it was happening.

I took this trip with my three friends who I met in university during our Honours year which goes down in history as one of the toughest years and initiation into adulthood but through it all a friendship was formed and three years later it’s still standing. So there was Khensani, Mbali, Mamello and I all ready to go on this exciting adventure. Our agenda was to have fun, make memories and definitely come back to SA with the friendship even stronger than it was before.

This trip was a bunch of firsts for me: it was my first international trip without my mom, it was my first international trip with friends and the first time I would be in Bali. There we were at OR Tambo International Airport feeling both excited and nervous about our 17 hour journey to Bali, Indonesia.

We took a few jogs around the airport looking for banks, finalising Forex and finding boarding gates. We were a bit late because I think we underestimated the process that goes with travelling abroad even with us arriving two hours before our flight, needless to say we made it and it was time to go live our best young lives (after the gruelling 17 hour flight).

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Ready For Take Off

The first stop was Hong Kong – the journey was definitely half way although we had a three hour stop over which moved at the speed of light and before we knew it we were ready for the next leg which was a five hour ride to Bali. Arriving in Bali I was beyond excited! Like this was really happening however that excitement was short lived until we had to go wait in the longest customs queue of my life without any officials to guide us on whether we were in the correct queue or not but 40 minutes later we made it out of customs to meet Wira our driver.

Wira drove us from the airport to our hotel, on the way there we were already in awe of the scenery and beauty of Bali. The bustling streets coupled with tons of scooters and cars all trying to make their way to their destinations on narrow roads filled with majestic buildings was definitely a sight to watch, I would’ve definitely crashed my car in the first 10 minutes of driving in Bali. We drove through traffic until we stopped and Wira said “Ok, we have arrived at your hotel” and all our faces dropped. We thought we were being scammed lol because all I saw was a restaurant and a dodgy passage, I was so ready to whip out my phone and email our travel agent Wynand and get him to come up with another plan and because I had planned the whole trip I immediately freaked out but had to stay positive.

We got to reception and saw a huge sign written Legian Paradiso Hotel and breathed a huge sigh of relief but our rooms were still not ready so the suspicions of a being caught in a scam definitely heightened but after a 30 minute wait it was official, it was time for us to paint the town red, it was time for #MMMKTakeBali.




The Leap of Faith

It has been over 2 years since I wrote something here, I always had a million and one excuses as to why I stopped blogging – “I work now, I don’t have time or I need to think of new content” but looking back, time has always been there and the content has always been there however I never made this a priority. This very blog is what landed me my first job in the creative industry and was one of my main priorities however people’s priorities change.
In the beginning of 2017 I decided that I would blog again (New Years resolutions) however it took me 5 months to actually do it. I woke up today and thought, it’s time I take the leap of faith and actually do it. I am currently reading The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and the main lesson I have learnt so far in the book is to just say yes, take risks and the rest will figure itself out.
So this is me taking the Leap of Faith and saying Yes to blogging again, a lot has changed since 2014 but MassEgo Square is still the place to be.

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