Worth the wait

It is officially exam season which means its all about dedicating long hours of the day and night studying. Yesterday I completed and submitted my first take home exam and had to reward myself because often we accomplish things yet we forget to reward ourselves so last night I decided to reward myself with a little treat so off I went to The Zone in Rosebank and I saw this huge gold and brown store.

As you may or may not know Magnum has just turned 25 and in line with this big accomplishment they have launched a pop up store that allows you to create your own Magnum, when I read about this on social media I got excited over the fact that I could make my own unique Magnum. Arriving at the Magnum store there was a queue and excitement filled the air as people stood in the queue taking selfies and deciding which toppings and chocolate flavour they had wanted for their ice-cream.They say good things come to those who wait and indeed they do after 20 minutes in the queue it was my turn and I chose a classic chocolate coating for my Magnum topped with goji berries, almonds and honey comb. The ice-cream was absolutely amazing and I was transported to a world of chocolate and vanilla with every bite and it was totally different than the normal Magnum ice-cream that one gets at a normal store.

I suggest you go to the pop up store and try it out before the store closes because it is only open for eight weeks so you have six more weeks to go try out this amazing experience and gain a different perspective on a Magnum.


My classic goji berry, almond and honeycomb Magnum
My classic goji berry, almond and honeycomb Magnum