Yummy in my tummy

I am a girl who loves my food and especially soul food which will leave me begging for more and this is the exact experience I had at the Pata Pata restaurant in Maboneng. I have been to Maboneng several times but I had never been to any of the restaurants around there and I had always heard people rave about Pata Pata and I had also seen Instagram pictures so I took a drive to the inner city with my sister for lunch.

Pata Pata is a restaurant which is named after the late Mama Miriam Makeba’s hit song and it has a nice African theme decked out with vintage furniture which makes you feel like you are in a Jazz club from the 50’s. African and house beats serenade you while you enjoy a warm meal from their menu which offers everything for everyone.

I had their stuffed chicken breasts which melted in my mouth and made my tummy happy so if you don’t mind taking a drive into the City definitely try out Pata Pata restaurant in the Maboneng Precinct and you won’t be dissapointed.


20140726_151516Stuffed Chicken Breast