Bad is sometimes Good

The 20s are a time when we search for ultimate happiness and success and we somehow feel like we should have it all figured out. Just when you think you have it  all figured it out life comes at your faster than ever before and you feel as though your world is falling apart right infront of your eyes.

Therein lies the moment when you should feel sorry for yourself (but not for too long) and get up and try again.

Over the past few weeks I have learnt that every “bad” situation is actually created to make us stronger and teaches us more about ourselves and you wouldn’t go through whatever you are going through if you weren’t strong enough to handle it.

The true lesson is:

“We live in a world of duality, every disadvantage contains its opposite, an advantage so there is something good buried within every seemingly bad situation” – Rhonda Bryne

So it’s ok not to have everything figured out but do not be afraid to fall because it’s another chance to get back up again and be great! So put on your big girl pants, put on some gangster music and try again.

One Life. Live it
Every bad situation comes with good and you are strong enough to go through it